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“Dalton Greenwood”

“Dalton Greenwood”

Beginning Monday, July 30, 2012, Operation Walk Utah teamed up with the Center for Precision Joint Replacement at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center and the Hofmann Arthritis Institute to perform four total hip and knee replacements– two hip and two knee – at no cost to the patients. The four Utah patients were selected by the Operation Walk Utah committee based on the severity of the condition and need for immediate treatment.

Dalton Greenwood is one of the four patients selected for a total hip replacement this week. Greenwood is a 20-year-old, soon-to-be father who has experienced hip pain and joint problems since adolescence. He received his first partial hip replacement at age 15, but sustained a hip injury back in April of this year. After the impact from his fall, the pins placed in his left hip are no longer in place, causing severe pain and affecting his ability to sit, stand, and walk for a long period of time. Without drastic treatment, Greenwood may become completely immobile, but as a prospective father and husband, he did not have the means to receive a total hip replacement.

Greenwood met with Trevor Magee, M.D., who immediately realized Greenwood’s need for surgery. Magee submitted Greenwood’s case to the Operation Walk committee, and, as a perfect candidate for surgery, Greenwood was selected out of 40 other applicants.

“When someone’s quality of life is hindered by an unrelenting disability, it becomes absolutely crucial to receive the necessary treatment to gain mobility, minimize pain, and recover control of one’s life,” said Magee. “However, finances can be a setback for replacement surgeries, which are often postponed or completely forgone. It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to provide a life-changing surgery to a patient who needs it most and see their perspective on life improve.”

“This surgery means everything to me. I am so grateful to all of the orthopedic surgeons and staff at the Center for Precision Joint Replacement and Operation Walk Utah,” said Greenwood. “I have a son on the way and need to provide for him and my wife. I will be able to get back to work and enjoy the outdoors again.”

The other three patients selected for replacement surgeries are Ron Frame, Martha Manzano, and Jolene Johnson.

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